We work with leading research institutes to develop and sell advanced subsea technologies, tailored to the project requirements of the offshore energy, construction and environmental sectors

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Deep sea exploration is ever-evolving and our customers demand tomorrow’s technology from us today. KUMO keeps customers one step ahead of the competition by delivering advanced, bespoke solutions that precisely meet all project requirements. KUMOs scientists and engineers combined possess over 20 years of in-field experience with pioneering research and future-scanning to envisage and overcome all challenges encountered at depth.

Let us navigate the complexities for you​

The deployment of KUMOs advanced geophysical technologies have proven to be a lucrative method of collecting essential data from the deep sea. We understand the use of these technologies can be a difficult and complex process. KUMO was established to tackle this obstacle, successfully facilitating and conducting this complex process on your behalf.

All products are offered on an end-to-end service basis, providing support throughout the entire process from deployment to recovery of equipment. Furthermore, KUMO is able to leverage on its extensive academia to analyse and report on all collected samples, providing the client with the final results. Entrusting us with your project significantly reduces your costs, time, stress and manpower.

World-leading production facilities and marine operations

KUMO operates a cutting-edge research and development centre, offering state-of-the-art production facilities for bespoke technology designs and manufacturing. Our marine operations team deftly manages all offshore deployment and recovery, achieving maximum data acquisition and efficient field-testing.

KUMOs world-leading geoscience, engineering and marine operation experts offer a vast range of revolutionary subsea technologies including Ocean Bottom Seismometers, Seabed Sampling Equipment and Subsea Data & Power solutions. Our global experts strategically coordinate your entire project from design to completion, fast-tracking your operational requirements to produce accurate results.  

Welcome to K.U.M. Offshore UK


Ivan Starostin

Director, K.U.M. Offshore UK

Ivan has overall responsibility in meeting our clients specific product requirements, ensuring the operation is carried out to the highest standard within the required time.

He manages an exceptionally skilled, hand-picked team of Subsea Engineers, Geoscientists and ex-big four specialists in Corporate Finance, Structuring & Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Law, Global Marketing and Sales.

Ivan himself is a qualified oil and gas specialist, business analyst and investment banker. He and his multi-disciplinary team possess the extensive contact network, energy and business vision to support clients in the offshore energy, construction and environmental sectors across every continent.

“There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go, if he does not mind who gets the credit”. Sir Mountstuart E. Grant Duff, 1863

We live by it.