operating from Invergordon saves time
and keeps costs low

The KUMO Vibrocorer is an elegant, effective, electrically-driven, vibrating coring system with the unique ability to extract optimum samples at speed, in water depths of up to 1000 m. KUMO can operate the Vibrocorer to efficiently penetrate all sand and gravel types, as well as stiff stratums such as permafrost sediments and crusts of gas hydrates. Exceptional performance in even the harshest deep sea conditions makes the KUMO Vibrocorer a market leader in advanced coring system technologies.

KUMO Vibrocorer Marine Operations

KUMO provides a complete, cost-efficient marine operations service for clients that require core sample extraction using the KUMO Vibrocorer. Our specialist team takes care of all paperwork, insurance and legal documentation. We provide a fully-equipped research vessel, manned by KUMOs Cruise Director, marine personnel and technicians – trusted specialists in operating the Vibrocorer for deep sea exploration projects. Our end-to-end marine operations are strategically planned and executed to optimise use of time and extract the highest quality core samples.

Meeting your bespoke project requirements

We tailor the KUMO Vibrocorer to match your specific project requirements, providing ultimate sample control and data transmission. For example:

  • A standard core barrel length of 6 m can be adjusted all the way down to 3 m
  • Split barrels are available up to 9 m, with transparent liners for enlarged dimensions
  • Umbilical fibre-optics for deep sea exploration
  • Battery-driven option with memory-based control and data storage
  • Sonic, remote control option
  • Up to 40 cores/sites extracted per day
  • Only a 5 minute penetration and extraction time (with unlimited runtime)
  • Unique decoupling design resulting in minimum vibrational deadweight 
  • Ultimate filling of the barrel for an extraction rate of two metres per minute
  • Unique flip-aside barrel design – no need to dismantle
  • Four main components for fast, easy handling and minimum downtime
  • Small size and weight in comparison to competitors


The KUMO Vibrocorer is flexible and vast in its application, being utilised globally in the offshore energy, construction, mining and environmental sectors. If you require a pristine seabed core sample with no damage or unwanted consolidated sediments, look no further.

Essentially, the most important data one can derive from seabed cores are related to historical geology, geomorphology, stratigraphy, and lithology. This information is essential to operators, allowing the quantification and imaging of the subsurface to reduce uncertainty and significantly improve planning. Areas in which core sampling can support operations are (but not limited to):

  • Identifying suitable areas to build base supports for construction projects such as oil & gas platforms, harbours and wind farms.
  • Identify biological or hazardous material for the use in environmental analysis.
  • Determine the stratigraphical extent in which a geological formation continues by comparing samples from two distal locations.
  • Support mining operations in the identification unconsolidated desired sediments that provide an indication of high resource deposit potential.
  • Determine the historical geology of an area, including sedimentation rate, depositional environment and structural history.
  • Utilised as a noise source on the seabed to substantiate seismic interpretations (e.g Sidescan sonar, Uniboom seismic reflection – subbottom boomer profiles)

The KUMO Vibrocorer is available on an end-to-end basis. We offer full support during deployment, operation and recovery. Additionally, KUMO can provide analysis of your collected core samples relating to sedimentology, organic & inorganic geochemistry and rock mechanics. We provide the final results report to you catered based on your operational needs, identifying the parameters that will benefit you.