Cutting-edge technology tailored to your project requirements

KUMO has been developing bespoke subsea products for leading research institutes and offshore oil and gas companies for over 20 years. As the dominant global provider of subsea data acquisition systems, we have streamlined the way deep sea marine data is captured and processed. We are continuously developing new generations of products in anticipation of tomorrow’s deep sea exploration challenges, tracking areas such as microelectronics, enhanced data transfer and artificial intelligence. We sell advanced solutions to the offshore energy, construction and environmental sectors with increased focus on energy transition, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

KUMOs off-the-shelf products are tailored to meet your specific project requirements, designed to overcome all at-depth challenges. We also provide marine operations services, including deployment, recovery and analysis of the collected data and samples.


K/MT 4231

The smallest and most lightweight OBS on the market


VC 3/6

Vibrocorer with proven operation


K/MT 4240

A highly customisable marine data logger


K/MT 4240Aм

A highly accurate timing oscillator module


K/MT 4264 & K/MT 4262A

A tried and tested marine GPS-receiver and distribution box

StiK & KIT

K/MT 4251 & K/MT 4263

A quick-access marine data storage device


K/MT 425C

A versatile and flexible deep-sea connector


K/MT 210

A flexible, low-frequency deep-sea geophone


K/MT 552, 562, 572, 573

The world’s smallest titanium deep-sea acoustic releaser

Sediment Trap

K/MT 320, 322, 234, 236

A robust and durable subsea particle collector


K/MT 321, 321A

A subsea trap for individual particle collection and imaging


K/MT 100

A robust and customisable seabed instrument carrier

HiCAP Lander

K/MT 101

A high–capacity multidisciplinary seabed observatory

Benthic Chamber

K/MT 110

A seabed penetrator / extractor for in-situ experiments

Syringe Sampler

K/MT 115

A fully programmable subsea analysis instrument


K/MT 111

A highly efficient subsea liquids mixing instrument


K/MT 112A

An autonomous control system for most 12V appliances

Pressure Tubes

K/MT 240

A customisable pressure-proof instrument housing

Camera Housing

K/MT 213

A robust and durable deep-sea camera casing


K/MT 410

A compact deep-sea corer and sample transportation device

Chain Bag Dredge

K/MT 9000, 9001

A heavy-duty seabed rock collector

D-Tubes, Liner Tubes & Storage Rack

D-Tube – KR 135 & KR 100, Liner Tube – KL 125 & KL 90

A sediment-core protective casing and storage rack

Titanium Pump

K/MT 405

A compact, pressure-proof, deep-sea pump


K/MT 1099

A deep-sea tilt-angle recording device

Drive Unit

K/MT 700

A compact and powerful marine force generator

Shackles, Chains & Rings

K/MT 3101, K/MT 3114 & K/MT 3114-A

High strength titanium shackles, chains and rings


K/MT 1051

A maintenance-free titanium swivel

Scoop Net

K/MT 11081

A robust ROV sample-collection tool