The introduction of ROVs has greatly enhanced the ability of marine scientists to carry out a wide range of subsea investigations, however even ROVs still require complementary tools in order to tackle certain tasks.

The KUMOs Scoop Net has been designed for use with ROVs in order to collect subsea samples. The net features a T-shaped handle that can be easily attached to an ROV to scoop and hold samples until they can be recovered. Additionally, a metal blade is placed at the bottom of the Scoop Net aperture to protect the net from tearing as well as to aid in the collection of samples (e.g. shells). 

The Scoop Net is available either as Polyamide 6, 1×1 mm mesh, which has an operating temperature of up to 50°C, or as PTFE glass fibre 1×1/2×2/4×4 mm mesh with an operating temperature of up to 250°C.


  • Collection of subsea and seabed samples with use of ROV
  • Sample collection in high temperature environments (e.g. hydrothermal vents)

Features / Benefits:

  • Glass fibre mesh net can be used in high temperature
    environments and have 3 different mesh sizes
  • Easy to operate with different ROV manipulators
Material Frame and handle – Stainless steel 1.4571Net – Polyamide 6 or PTFE glass fibre
Net aperture dimensions  Width – 200 mm, Height – 154 mm, Frame thickness – 10 mm
Net dimensions  Length – 300 mm Mesh size – 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm