Improving access to deep sea data using innovative technologies

We develop innovative, hi-tech products for specific subsea projects to be utilised in the offshore energy, construction and environmental sectors across the globe. This involves significantly complex engineering that we have mastered through vast experience in a variety of operations. KUMO is now offering a ground-breaking end-to-end service package that avoids common pitfalls and fast-tracks your operations to obtain the data and results you need.

End-to-end service package

All of the bespoke products we offer are available on an end-to-end service or turn-key basis. KUMO provides all support required during the deployment/recovery process as well as all data and sample interpretation needs thereafter. We aim to deliver your operation from beginning to end, providing an integrated and functional solution including all vessel and personnel requirements. No matter the challenge, we will strive to solve it.

Your project is in safe hands

Our international reputation is based on trust, expertise, experience and attention to detail. You can rest-assured that all services are fulfilled in-house by KUMO experts, from beginning to completion.

Regardless of the challenge or operation, we have an innovative product and service to support you, including but not limited to:

  • The deployment and recovery of advanced Ocean Bottom Seismometers for all subsurface data recording needs
  • Fully integrated coring service utilising our hi-tech KUMO Vibrocorer capable of obtaining 40 cores per day.
  • Integrated service for all seabed and water sampling needs
  • A solution for all subsea data and power requirements
  • A wide range of safe launch and recovery systems
  • Full support regarding all vessel, equipment and personnel requirements
  • Highly accurate analysis of all collected data, providing our clients with the final results they seek

KUMOs extensive global experience, renowned academics, resources and ethical approach have resulted in our bespoke products and services to lead the market in marine operations. No matter the challenge, we will work vigorously to support you in obtaining the data and results you desire. Let us do the heavy lifting.

A track record of success

The ultimate, advanced offshore coring system