D-Tubes, Liner Tubes & Storage Rack
D-Tube – KR 135 & KR 100, Liner Tube – KL 125 & KL 90
A sediment-core protective casing and storage rack

Sediment cores and samples from the seabed help geologists to determine the lithology of the underlying strata and associated characteristics. It is of utmost importance that the preservation, storage and transport of these samples are conducted safely to avoid any damage or contamination. KUMO has designed a variety of Liner Tubes and D-Tubes as well as an associated Storage Rack system for all core handling and storage needs.

Liner Tubes
These reside within the corer instrument and act as the first contact with the sediment core. Once all cores are collected, the Liner Tubes can be cut lengthways to present a cross-section view along the core, ready for geological analysis. Once completed the cores can be taken and placed safely into D-Tubes.

D-Tubes (Sediment Core Storage)
These are for the long-term storage of sediment cores, providing protection from contamination and negating moisture loss. After being placed into the Liner Tubes and cut in half, each segment of core is then placed into a D-Tube. Humidity is self-regulated by the inclusion of a wet synthetic sponge and each tube includes two lids.

Storage Racks (Grid Box)
These are designed to be transported in standard 20-foot containers and allow for vertical stacking up to 6 m. The rack is comprised of a galvanised steel frame, two insertable grids and a side grid. Each core segment stored can be separately accessed from the storage rack.


  • Storage and protection of sediment cores

Features / Benefits:

  • Each core segment is separately accessible from Storage Rack
  • Storage Rack designed to fit within 20-foot container.
  • Wet synthetic sponge for humidity control inside the D-Tube
Dimensions  – KL 125: Length – 125 mm, Width – 2.5 mm– KL 90: Length – 90 mm, Width – 2.7 mm
Compatibility – KL 125 compatible with D-Tube KR 135– KL 90 compatible with D-Tube KR 100
Material  PVC
Colour  Grey
Accessories  Lids for liner tubes 


Dimensions  – KR 135: 1600 x 135 x 73; 1100 x 135 x 73; 1050 x 135 x 73– KR 90: Length – 90 mm, Width – 2.7 mm
Compatibility – KR 135 compatible with Liner tube KL 125 – KR 100 compatible with Liner tube KL 100 
Material  PVC
Colour  White, coloured lids
Accessories  Synthetic sponge


Dimension  Length – 1653 mm, Width – 1136 mm ,Height – 680 mm
Material Galvanised steel
Weight  60 kg