Conventional swivels can be extremely susceptible to corrosion due to the steel ball-bearing used in standard designs. In order to avoid direct contact with the seawater, bearings have traditionally been sealed and filled with oil, however, even the smallest penetration of water can cause destructive corrosion.

To address this, KUMO designed a high-tensile titanium Swivel that uses a ceramic ball bearing instead of a steel one. This puts the risk of corrosion within the Swivel at zero. The result is a Swivel that is maintenance-free and offers maximum protection even if seawater penetration does occur.


  • Connection which allows linked objects to rotate horizontally or vertically
  • Moorings of instruments

Features / Benefits:

  • Corrosion and rust-resistant ceramic ball bearing design
  • Maintenance-free
Load capacity 1500 kg 
Ball bearing material Ceramic 
Material  Titanium
Dimensions  Diameter – 78 mm, Height – 145 mm, Eye Diameter – 22 mm
Weight / air  1.10 kg
Weight / water  0.850 kg