In many marine investigations, core samples are essential for ascertaining the bulk properties of underlying sediments, but obtaining these cores from the seabed with conventional multi-corers can be very challenging.

Conventional multi-corers have a minimum area size of 4 m² and a minimum height of 3m and often require assembly on the vessel. In addition, due to their weight and height, they typically do not fit within a standard 20-foot shipping container, and it can be dangerous to operate them onboard with typically a large crane or frame being required.

To address this, KUMO developed the MiniMuc, a much smaller, deep-sea, core sampler with an area of just 1 m² and a height of 1 m. Significantly, no assembly is required as the MiniMuc is shipped turnkey, ready to operate.

Once on the seabed, this compact corer is capable of collecting four probe samples in a single deployment. Seabed penetration is guaranteed by the various lead weights. Once penetration is complete, mechanical arms on the MiniMuc are released, closing the core tubes and extracting them from the seabed ready for transportation to the surface.


  • Seabed core sampling and transportation

Features / Benefits:

  • Multiple lead holdings for optimal and successful
    seabed penetration
  • Acts a transportation device as well as core
Probe sampling 4 Core tubes (PMMA) 

Dimensions: Sand – 40 mm diameter x 600 mm lengthSlick – 100 mm diameter x 600 mm length

Material Frame: Stainless steel(Optional non-corrosive titanium)Tubes: PMMA (Plexiglas)
Operational depth 6000 m 
Dimensions Diameter – 1000 mm, Width – 1000 mm, Height – 1000 mm 
Transport dimensions  Length – 1 m, Width – 1 m, Height – 1 m
Weight 100 – 220 kg (Dependant on lead weights needed for seabed penetration)