KUMO had great success from the start with NAMMU. However, the team was soon faced with an interesting challenge: how to develop a new, more compact, short-term OBS system that would carry only the OBS essentials in an even smaller, more cost-effective package.

Their answer to this challenge was a new OBS named ISOPOD, designed to deliver the best results by autonomously recording seismic data for over three months in water depths of up to 6,000 m. It is equipped with three 4.5 Hz geophones, hydrophones, the ultra-low-power four-channel datalogger 6D6 and an acoustic release, which is integrated into the main pressure tube to save weight, cost and set-up time.

ISOPOD is also equipped with the external memory StiK which can be exchanged in seconds and redeployed without opening the pressure case. And, with a total weight of only 95 kg, ISOPODs can easily be stacked for transportation with up to ten units fitting on a standard pallet. Without any compromise on quality or reliability, ISOPOD is as small and lightweight as a short-term OBS possibly can be.


Features / Benefits:

Size  1200 mm x 400 mm x 365 mm 
Weight  95 kg fully equipped 
Frame  Titanium 
Pressure tube  Titanium 
Buoyancy  Syntactic foam 


Data logger  Ultra-Low-Power “6D6”, 125 milliWatt @ continuous recording, 4 channels @ 32 bits, up to 4000 sps 
Geophones  4.5 Hz resonance frequency, XYZ-orientation Hydrophone: HTI-04, optional DPG, optional APG 
Release  Mechanical-acoustic, optional additional time release 
Location  2m high visibility flag, flash unit, radio beacon, Iridium Satellite Positioning package (optional), AIS Marine Traffic package (optional)