Data collection is one of the most essential factors in any subsea operation, if not the most essential. The collection and accurate recording of data must be carried out to a high standard across the lifetime of a project, which can run for months and sometimes years. Despite this requirement, many traditional data loggers have often struggled in the marine environment due to limited measuring capabilities and high power consumption, which in turn leads to very short operational timelines.

KUMO has put over 20 years of experience in marine seismic operations into tackling this issue. The result is the development of the 6D6 Data Logger for use on both KUMOs own OBS systems and third-party subsea devices.

Where other data loggers are limited in channel recording capabilities, the 6D6 has been designed to record up to seven channels simultaneously. It also uses very little power without sacrificing performance, while its precise crystal oscillator allows for data collection to be conducted for an extended period with minimal downtime. The 6D6 is pre-set with four channels and an optional ‘Plug-on’ mode offers potentially up to seven channels to meet the specific needs of customers.

The innovative modular design of the 6D6 allows for the installation of further AD-boards and/or a CSAC clock. Additionally, the clock is buffered internally to ensure safe synchronization regardless of battery issues. The basic configuration of the 6D6 features an integrated web interface via an access point within a DIRC unit. If connected to DIRC, Wi-Fi connection is established, and any web browser can then be used to program the 6D6.


  •  NAMMU
  •  Any subsea data collection systems

Features / Benefits:

User-guided, foolproof step-by-step-operation
Low power consumption
‘Plug-on’ mode for additional channels
Data storage independent
Internal buffer battery for clock (to protect synchronization)
Compatible with all browsers
10 second buffer against accidental battery disconnection
Automatic web server shutdown when disconnecting
programming cable

Channels 3 x Seismometer, 1 x Hydrophone
AD-modules  Geophone; Seismometer, DPG; Hydrophone, APG, etc.
Additional options Integrated GPS, AIS, upgradable up to 7 channels
Clock TOM300 (0.02 ppm non-linearity)
Data conversion software m-SEED
Data storage StiK / SD Card (up to 2 TB)
Resolution 32 bit @ 250 sps
Memory Up to 2 TB (With hot swap)
Network WLAN
Ports 24 I/O (Instrument control)
Sample rate 50 – 4000 Hz
Signal – noise ratio 142 dB
Powerconsumption  125 mW (Recording mode) 
Dimensions  Length – 80 mm, Width – 80 mm, Height – 80 mm
Weight 0.290 kg