Data storage in marine environments has long presented the offshore industry with great difficulties. Recovery of a data storage device from a seabed station requires the equipment housing to be opened, which is often no small task considering how secure deep-sea housings can be.

Bad weather offshore can make the task even more challenging, doubly so if the same station needs to be redeployed again with new data storage.

Now imagine a thumb size data container that is pressure resistant to full ocean depth, attached to the outside of the desired instrument and capable of being easily removed and swapped directly after recovery. No housing openings, no fiddling with stubborn connections, just unplug the storage device in a minute and attach a new one.

This compact and versatile storage device is StiK. StiK accommodates all marine data storage requirements. Made from titanium, KUMOs durable and portable storage device features double O-ring sealing and offers an operational depth of 12 km, making it perfect for subsea research. To further enhance data recovery offshore, KUMO has developed a high-grade compact memory card reader dubbed KIT which is designed to work optimally with StiK, SD cards and other data storage devices. KIT delivers a reliable method of transferring data from different storage devices to a portable computer or any other system via a simple USB connection.


  • Any subsea data collection systems

Features / Benefits:

  • Quick removal or swap
  • Pocket size
  • Double ‘O-ring’ sealing certified to 12 km
  • Plug includes gold plated pins for low transition resistance
  • Non-corrosive titanium build
Capacity 64GB – 128GB – 256GB – 512GB – 1024GB
Data formats  exFAT, FAT32, Ext4, proprietary formats
Data transfer speed 32 Mbit/s
Ports  1 x Pluk
Power consumption  Write access – 250 mW Idle – 0.2 mW
Operational depth 12,000 m (full ocean depth)
Dimensions Diameter – 20 mm, Length – 50 mm
Material  Titanium
Ports  1 x USB 2.0, 1 x SD card, 1 x Pluk
Power source USB
Dimensions  Length – 80 mm, Width – 80 mm, Height – 80 mm