Obtaining data directly from the seabed can be of high value but can be a complex operation. Many different instruments are available to conduct seabed investigations, but the transportation of this equipment to and from the seabed poses many challenges. These include limited carrying ability, storage issues, limited power supply and inaccurate deployment.

To address those challenges, KUMO developed the Lander, a carrier that has been designed to cater for all subsea instrument transportation and deployment needs.

Attached to the Lander, instruments can be carefully lowered to the seabed aided by a video-controlled launcher. Once in the desired location, the Lander can be left autonomously until the research is concluded. At this point, an acoustic signal or time release alerts steel weights to drop and the Lander rises to the surface for recovery.

The Lander is equipped to carry multiple instruments simultaneously. The basic frame is comprised of an open tripod with weights, float units, radio beacon and strobe lights.

With its lightweight, corrosion and pressure-resistant titanium build, the Lander is effective to an operational depth of up to 6,000 m. In addition, the Lander can be designed to customer requirements to achieve the best execution for specific operations.


  • Transportation to the seabed, deployment and recovery
    of marine instruments
  • Deep-sea laboratory for use in multiple disciplines

Features / Benefits:

  • Steel or titanium options available
  • Allows for multiple instruments to be attached
  • Fully customisable according to customer requirements
  • Ballasted for negative buoyancy
Payload (marine instruments) Steel frame: 210 kg max, titanium frame: 260 kg max 
Buoyancy  Glass spheres with protection shells (max 21×17″ spheres). Syntactic foam
Deployment speed  0.5 – 1.0 m/s
Material options – Steel– Titanium (44% lighter)
Operational depth  Up to 6000 m
Dimensions Diameter – 2200 mm, Height – 2500 mm 
Basic equipment  Open frame, three legs, weights, instrument carrier, float units
Optional equipment  Flash, radio beacon, flag to aid location, benthic chamber, syringe sampler, video camera, sediment trap, ADCP, EDDI-correlation, CTD, turbidity 
Part of lander weight on air in salt water
Lander frame 217 kg 192 kg
Release unit (2 pcs.) 25 kg 15 kg
Benthic chamber (3 pcs.) 114 kg 69 kg
TUNA-tube (2 pcs.) 72 kg 36 kg
Syringe sampler (3 pcs.) 51 kg 27 kg
Glass buoyancy (21 pcs.) 473 kg minus 535 kg
Complete system approx. 950 kg minus 195 kg
Ground weight (3 pcs.) 450 kg 395 kg
Complete system with weight approx. 1400 kg 200 kg
Size Dia x h 2610 mm x 2640 mm