While the KUMO Sediment Trap is designed to catch as many particles as possible with the use of a large funnel, the KUMO Gel-Trap is designed for the collection and identification of specific particles. This offers a unique approach to better understand the movement of particles through the ocean.

Instead of a funnel, a well-defined tube is used with a highly polished surface. The conventional sample bottles used in the Sediment Trap are replaced by cylindrical glass probes, which are made from polished PMMA and filled with a viscous liquid (gel). Once a particle has been captured in the gel, the sinking velocity is reduced, and the particle slowly descends to the base of the probe.

Thereafter, a high-resolution camera can take photographs of the probe at any given time. This enables any individual particle to be clearly identified, measured and its behavioural properties analysed.


  • Underwater collection of specific sinking particles
  • Provides photo of desired particle in collection area

Features / Benefits:

  • Unique pictures of individual particles
Collection area  908 mm²
Sample bottles 41
Sample bottle volume  80 ml
Funnel slope angle 
Connection interface  RS 232 
Power supply  9V DC (6 Alkaline 1.5V batteries)
Operational depth  6000 m
Operational temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Operational time  Up to 24 months 
Dimensions  Height – 1340 mm, Width – 1146 mm
Weight (kg) 110 kg (air)
Attachments  – Single side suspension – 3 point suspension (optional)