July 22, 2021


Yesterday we have again test-assembled our new vibrocorer in front of our warehouse K.U.M. Enviromental- and Marine Technology GmbH. Light weight, yet heavy duty device is capable of operating in up to 1000m of water depth.

– Up to 40 cores/sites extracted per day
– Only a 5 minute penetration and extraction time (with unlimited runtime)
– Unique decoupling design resulting in minimum vibrational deadweight
– Ultimate filling of the barrel for an extraction rate of two metres per minute
– Unique flip-aside barrel design – no need to dismantle
Four main components for fast, easy handling and minimum downtime
– Small size and weight in comparison to competitors

Please get in touch if you have seabed core sampling job coming anywhere in the North Sea. Vibrocorer will be based in Invergordon ready to use (at this time) on demand. We also have fully licensed vessel for the job Seafast Maritime Limited.

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